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Dan Joyce

Dan Joyce

Dan Joyce is a Houston-based lifestyle and editorial photographer who specializes in landscape, tourism and aerial imagery. In 2016, he was selected to join the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective, an elite group of photographers and ambassadors for Sony’s digital imaging products. Dan serves as the Director of Marketing and Communications for the East End District and Content Manager for He has been involved with the production of the annual East End Street Fest since 2014 and has served as Festival Coordinator since 2017.

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Chron: Imagine an East End Furniture Warehouse as Lofts

Chron: Imagine an East End Furniture Warehouse as Lofts By Nancy Sarnoff, January 4, 2016 In an empty furniture warehouse about a mile east of downtown, Houston architect Tim Cisneros envisions the rusted metal gear that used to power the building's freight elevator preserved behind glass, like sculpture in a museum. He sees the graffiti-covered brick walls as urban paintings to be exposed…

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