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3rd Annual It’s Just Rap Fest (in The Studio)

Sunday, August 06
6:00PM - 8:00PM

813 Saint Emanuel
Houston, Texas 77003

Warehouse Live presents 3rd Annual It’s Just Rap Fest.


JC Seals III, Yung Delirious, Native Paradise, Penny Boi, Military Minded G, Jono Jono, Quality & Appearance, ZOTHEPOET, Jack Hazzard, SWAYNE C.O.P.D, Damien Paradise, xSlim_Bx & HUNNIDBXNDCAM, Str8 Money KDog, The Hodge Council, Poohdalini

JC Seals III is a musical poet, responsible for the Its Just Rap… CD series available at A Tulsa native who now resides in Houston,TX spends the majority of his free time doing what he loves to do, which is music. Listening to music, creating music, and performing music is JC’s true passion.

JC is not your average rapper. Working two jobs outside of music, one being a production supervisor at a call center. He excels as one of the best and takes pride in being honest, respectful, and trustworthy to all of his peers. JC’s positive attitude is addicting and contagious and this carries over into his music. He has a laid back approach and grabs your attention and keeps it from start to finish. His goal is to make music his full time job so he can travel the world meeting new people while performing his music. His motto is “I make songs that make sense.”

Yung Delirious is an up and coming rap artist from right outside of Houston, Texas who is looking to make his mark on the world. Inspired by the likes of G-Eazy, Logic, and Travis Scott, he likes to put on a helluva show, but still keep a unique style while doing so. He started rapping at the age of 17, just releasing tracks on SoundCloud and showing em to his friends. Once the word got out that he was trying to be a rapper, he got alot of hate from his fellow peers, but he never let that stop him.

Now, a year later he is performing at warehouse live at the 3rd annual “It’s Just Rap Fest.” He is back and better than ever, so get ready for a helluva show!

Native Paradise – A music collective straight out of Houston,Tx bringing a whole new different types of vibes and sounds to the music world. An extraordinary music group that consist the artists who they go by the name of D.T.M. , Audentia DeJesus, Chadoe, Young Fiji , & R.A.N.S.; A group that nobody would want to miss out interest for music and collectively decided to combine their styles
together, creating the group Native Paradise.

Penny Boi – Mon’Ray Penny was born in Forth Worth TX, then relocated to Houston,TX. When he was 2yrs old. he lived in various parts in Houston and went to my different schools in his early years. Mon’Ray penny was introduce to rap in elementary when his mother brought him snoop dogg “doggystyle” in 1993

Military Minded G (member of F.T.G. Full Time Grindaz/Faith Through God), birth name Matthew Chase Matta, was born October, 9th 1991 in the Southwest area of Houston, TX in the town of Stafford. Matthew, more popularly known as Military Minded G, started writing his own raps at about the age of 9 and started officially making his own music at the age of 13. His love of music began at an early age watching his older brother Jessie, at the time a member of Tru Soldiers (now Boss Click), make music of his own. It wasn’t until his brother’s incarceration when Matthew began to drift away from school & sports & got involved with the wrong crowd, but due to that happening caused Matthew to write about his life in his music. Today Matthew is trying his best to continue to make music that can not only benefit those who don’t know the truth, but those who do as well! He has an extensive selection of music, 35 released projects & counting. Some of his hits reach over millions of downloads since 2004 he has been his own recording artist, producer, engineer, graphic designer, etc. Military Minded G is currently now signed with Bentley Records an independent international record label who is helping take his music worldwide! & with the Grace of God Military Minded G only has high hopes for his career!

Quality & Appearance – Michael Adam’s Jr. A.K.A Quality & Appearance formerly of Connect City, grew up in North Houston in a community called Acres Homes (Heather Glen)

2017 has already begun by being honored as “Best Indie Artist of 2016” Q &A’s newest single, “Steppin” from upcoming album.

ZOTHEPOET on a daily is always writing his lyrics and in the recording studio often. If he’ not performing in front of audiences he’s working on his hits for his CD. Recently releasing 3 singles just last month he is hoping his CD will be completed this year. He is a featured artist on Truth Ent live internet radio 3 x’s a week and performs at various places locally. Feel free to visit his website for upcoming events!

SWAYNEC.O.P.D is a Buffalo, NY native, and Hip-Hop artist/Beatboxer/Speaker with over 35 experience on the mic, and on the stage. 19 Years after he was told “You will never sing again” SWAYNEC.O.P.D is completing his 12th studio project, with a Tracheostomy Tube in use!!!

Damien Paradise is a growing artist out of Dallas Texas, as one of the hottest artist in dfw Damien Paradise has performed at over 30 plus shows including one in Austin. Currently Damien Paradise is working on a mix tape that will drop at the beginning of April. With a growing fan base and excellent support team including his manager Legendary there is nothing Damien Paradise cant do. For any questions or booking inquirys you can email Legendary at or send him a tweet @hooligan_Rob or by phone at 214-250-3230 you can follow damien paradise success at “Do not give up the opportunity to listen to history in the making” legendary on Damien Paradise

xSlim_Bx & HUNNIDBXNDCAM – We are 18 years old from Houston,Texas started rapping about a year ago.Recently got serious after graduating high school and dropping our mixtape called “Arrival”. We are both on basketball scholarships but we still plan to continue releasing music on SoundCloud and Search for more opportunities to improve and perform

The Hodge Council – ajoshd & Zay.Peace have been at it for years. Their combination of elite songwriting and in-house production create one of the most unique sounds for an act in the entire world, not only within the hip hop genre, but for any type of music. The Hodge Council represents a strong brand that has been growing rapidly in terms of fan base and is looking to continue to promote their music to new fans all throughout Texas and the country. Their appeal to many different walks of life is what makes them stand out.

Poohdalini coming out of Shreveport, Louisiana is not your typical Louisiana artist. With spending half his childhood in San Diego California and also living in Atlanta for 10 years he has developed a style of his own. Bring it from the top ft. Yoksta is the first single released off debut album “I’m Here”.


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