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Faces of the Other: Encounters in the midst of the city

Saturday, February 29
9:00AM - 11:00AM

1117 Texas Ave
Houston, Texas 77002

Every day we walk past many people. We see some of them, and others are invisible to us. We try to avoid some of them, and others we want to engage. Some anger us, and others we disdain. Yet, beneath their differences of race, skin color, gender, clothing, and class, there lies a common humanity. Because of our learned fears and prejudices we are attracted to those like ourselves and often fear, hate or ignore those who are different. This exhibition of large portrait photographs, entitled “Faces of the Other: Encounters in the Midst of the City”, shows that people in our world—those we walk past daily—can be approached and understood. It demonstrates our similarities rather than our differences. Each portrait brings viewers into its space in an intimate and loving way and, in this highly technological age, portrays our humanity in an analog medium. The subjects in these photos, while all different, are brought together in this exhibition to help us understand that we are alike in many ways.

The photographs in this exhibition, 3 feet x 5 feet, are mounted on the fences that surround Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Houston. The people in the images are portrayed in larger than life detail to give viewers an opportunity to stop, look and engage with the very people who live and work nearby. Their eyes look directly at us in a non-threatening way. They say we mean you no harm. While all the subjects are of different backgrounds and histories, brought together, they reinforce the diversity of our community; their presence serves as a reminder of the beauty of individuality, the openness of others, and an invitation to connect.

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