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Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen

Wednesday, February 19
8:00PM - 10:00PM

3303 Lyons Avenue
Houston, Texas 77020

Following the success of its three previous forays into the Norwegian master, Henrik Ibsen’s, plays – ­2010’s Ghosts and 2016’s A Doll’s House, and 2018’s An Enemy of the People – Classical Theatre Company will again produce one of the great playwright’s works: Peer Gynt. Ibsen, known for his intense early dramas, dives right into the heart of what it is to be Norwegian in this folkloric Scandinavian odyssey. To be co-directed by CTC Executive Artistic Director John Johnston and former CTC Artistic Associate Kalob Martinez, Peer Gynt will be the company’s first venture into incorporating a strong presence of puppetry into a production.

“Kalob is a puppet master and he’s going to bring his expertise to Peer Gynt,” says Johnston. “This play has a multitude of characters – many of whom are drawn from Norwegian folklore and mythos. The central protagonist, Peer Gynt himself, is traditionally considered a personification of Norway or the Norwegian spirit himself.”

This tale follows Peer Gynt as he traverses from Norway to North Africa throughout the decades of his life. The play uses powerful romantic notions while still sowing the roots of modernism for which Ibsen was to become so well known.

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