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Por los siglos de los siglos | Angel Lartigue

Monday, March 25
9:00AM - 5:00PM

6815 Rustic St. Houston, TX 77087
Houston, Texas 77087

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 28th, 6-8PM
Exhibition Duration: February 27th – April 8th, 2019

Location: Wedge Space
Houston Community College – Eastside Campus, Felix Morales Building Room #124
6815 Rustic St. Houston, TX 77087

About the Exhibition:
“Por los siglos de los siglos,” is a repeated phrase spoken at the ending of a catholic prayer. The phrase redefines something that inherently has an end with an ambiguous meaning of time, e.g., “without end,” “over the centuries,” “la eternidad.” With this concept of never-ending, cyclical time in mind, Angel Lartigue guides viewers into the liminal spaces between life and death, body and land. By transporting data and organic matter from Texas forensic burial sites into galleries, nightclubs, and domestic spaces, the artist asserts the idea that the living and the dead are a united force with equal influence over the world we inhabit. The show includes documentation and objects from guerilla-performances, as well as, 1:1 scale exhumation maps depicting case studies from the artist’s training in human remains recovery. “Por los siglos de los siglos” assumes a primordial vantage point; it compels us to consider personal loss, grief, and mourning, not as an interruption of life, but a single, transitional interval in our timeline.

This event is FREE & open to the public!

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