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The Glass Fortress: A Study of Life in Urban Landscapes

Thursday, October 19
11:00AM - 2:00PM

1117 Texas Ave.
Houston, Texas 77002

Right in front of us

Houston artist, Vicky Gooch, was inspired to take on the challenge to find the beauty and interest in our urban environment. There are natural landscapes rich with drama and glory that have been studied and painted by artists over the years and urban dwellers can’t wait to visit them.  As she began looking for subjects of interest, Vicky soon discovered that a city the size of Houston would have more points of interest than any one person could depict in a lifetime.  It just took a closer look at what was right in front of her.

Being where we are

When people create cities, they create a completely different landscape, at once removed but still constrained and surrounded by nature. The city of Houston sits on a flat, green landscape interrupted by slow moving bayous.  For many years this natural environment was seen as an adversary to be tamed or avoided.  Recently, people have welcomed nature back into the city, creating a visual contrast of life and nature mixed with imposing glass, steel and stone monoliths.  The Houston skyline exudes a feeling of a powerful structure that is at once forbidding and yet delicate with mysterious mirrored surfaces of modern glass towers. Vicky Gooch has selected compositions to invite viewers to take a closer look at our immediate surroundings, the things we might be seeing routinely, to find the wonder in everyday life in and around our city of Houston

About the Artist

A classical realist artist living in Houston, Vicky Gooch specializes in fine art oil paintings using techniques of the old masters and high quality materials to create custom heirloom quality portraits.  She creates paintings that capture the quiet dignity of a wise man or the distance beyond the orchard in order to inspire a sense of wonder about our world.  Painting from life gives her the time to understand her subject and the nuances of color and light needed to bring life to the image.  Her specialties include custom portraits, figurative and landscape paintings in oil on linen.


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