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The Waiting Room

Friday, August 25
8:00PM - 10:00PM

3400 Main St.
Houston, Texas 77002

Shunya Theatre presents The Waiting Room, a play by Tanika Gupta. August 25, – September 3, 2017 at The MATCH.

Priya Banerjee is dead, but her life is far from over.

She has just three days left to roam the earth before she can go on to the ‘Waiting Room’ of spirits. As she reluctantly watches and listens to her family, Priya is guided by a droll and increasingly impatient immortal soul in the guise of her Bollywood idol, Dilip Kumar.

Joining Shunya for the first time is director Bree Bridger. Bree has previously directed for Mildred’s Umbrella, Firecracker Productions, and Blueprint Theatre.

“I’m SO looking forward to working with the great team at Shunya (who produced one of the first plays I ever saw in Houston) to bring this heart-warming story of a complicated family struggling to find peace, both in this life and on the way to the next, as long-held secrets are revealed. It’s a project we all believe in, and will bring heartbreak and laughter to audiences!”

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