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Houston Maritime Museum

Houston Maritime Museum
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Houston Maritime Museum
2311 Canal Street, Houston, Texas 77003
(713) 225-1688

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The Houston Maritime Museum was founded in 2000 by former WWII merchant mariner and marine architect James Manzolillo. The museum began with his personal collection of maritime treasures amassed from decades at sea. Since opening its doors HMM has continuously expanded its collection and exhibits to tell stories of not only Houston’s important maritime history but also the world’s.

In January 2019, the museum recently reopened in a new location in Houston’s East End with new exhibits ranging from ancient Roman maritime trade to the age of European exploration and on to clipper ships, ocean liners, World War II, and the offshore energy industry that powers Texas’ economy. The museum also pays homage to USS Houston CA-30 and her crew as well as the history of Buffalo Bayou, which has since become the second largest port in the United States. The new space also has an expanded lecture area, and wonderful kids’ cove!

The museum docents offer knowledgeable insights to the maritime world and are available for tours during normal business hours. The museum is also happy to accommodate school groups, scouts, senior tours, and more. Give them a call to book a group tour and be eligible for a group discount.
The museum hosts several different types of events each month. They host at least one lecture, either on maritime history or industry, and a free family day on the last Saturday of the month.

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