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Artist Angel Quesada Creates Iconic Mural that Embodies East End Houston’s Spirit

When Christina and Joe Morales, owners of Morales Funeral Home and Morales Radio Hall, wanted to create a visual rendition of their near century contribution to the East End, they commissioned Angel Quesada. They wished to commemorate their 87-year family business and the intertwined culture of the East End which they are both a part of and were instrumental in advancing. “El Segundo Barrio”, as it is known to long-time residents, is a place that embodies everything that Quesada, known by his signature ARTKUNGFU, tries to imbue in his art.

The Pilot Dance Project Presents Lori Yuill’s Green Zebras

The Pilot Dance Project, under the artistic direction of Adam Castaneda, opens its 2018-2019 season with a site-specific work by Houston-based choreographer Lori Yuill. Green Zebras was awarded an Arts Respond – Natural Resources and Agriculture grant from the Texas Comission on the Arts, and will be performed at Finca Tres Robles, a sustainable urban farm located in Houston’s historic East End Cultural District. The performance concludes with a community potluck under the farm’s lighted oak trees.

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