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El Bolillo Bakery #3

El Bolillo Bakery is a small mexican bakery that began as a small bakery at the corner of Airline Dr. in the Greater Heights area of Houston. Over time the bakery became popular due to its everyday fresh pastries and customer service. It grew from a small corner bakery and soon moved to a newer building across the street. It later opened a second location on the South side of Houston in the Gulgate area. El Bolillo Bakery has now opened its third location off of S. Wayside. It has become part of the Houston East End Chamber of Commerce and has remained active within the community surrounding it.

El Bolillo Bakery has one of the largest varieties of Tres Leches cakes that can be chosen from everyday. It is also an award winning bakery name “The Official Best Bakery in Texas” for the year of 2011 by the “Official Best Of…” Lets not forget the Bakery’s namesake the Bolillo. El Bolillo Bakery has a variety of Bolillos which is one of the staple breads for the hispanic community. Everyday at El Bolillo Bakery there is something new so stop by and explore their bakery for the freshest of breads.

El Bolillo Bakery #3

2421 S. Wayside Dr

Houston, Texas 77023


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