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Magpies & Peacocks

Magpies & Peacocks
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Magpies & Peacocks
908 Live Oak, Houston, Texas 77023

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Magpies & Peacocks, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 design house based in Houston, Texas. Their mission is to create an environment for positive change by nurturing arts education, keeping fashion out of landfill, and giving back to the Houston community. Their model rests on four pillars: Collaborate, Create, Educate and Invest. We build creative connections between local leaders, businesses, donors, artists, designers, educators and Houston area nonprofits.

Collaborate: Connecting local businesses, donors, artists, designers, and educators

Create: Producing up-cycled high quality, socially responsible products and solutions

Educate: Providing sustainability mentorship, raw materials, and support for emerging designers

Invest: Supporting local grassroots organizations and community development


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