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708 Telephone Rd.

2:15PM – Bernie Punk
3:00PM – Santa Muerte – Music
3:45PM – A Fox + A Hound
4:30PM – Son of Bitch
5:15PM – Mas Pulpo
6:00PM – Stevie Menjivar
6:45PM – JVS Reel
7:30PM – Texture: Yellow
8:15PM – Devil Killing Moth
9:00PM – Little Outfit
9:45PM – Jimbo & Armondo Acoustics
10:00PM – La Sien*

*Denotes Artist Panel Winner

3801 Polk St.

2:00PM – Sarcastic
3:00PM – Crndlsm & Ellis Luiz
4:00PM – Twin Sages
5:00PM – The Fabulous Miss Wendy
6:00PM – Poppy Lungstuffing & Friends
7:00PM – Vox Vocis
8:00PM – Knights of the Fire Kingdom*
9:00PM – Demonic Hen
10:00PM – Free Radicals

*Denotes Artist Panel Winner

4419 Navigation Blvd.

2:00PM – Glass The Sky*
3:00PM – Class Castillo*
4:00PM – Alex Riddle*
5:00PM – A Girl Named Tiger*
6:00PM – Brain Cancer
7:00PM – Crowded Isolation
8:00PM – Animal Train
9:00PM – The Beer Munkees
10:00PM – The Pullouts
Last Show – Mugrero

*Denotes Artist Panel Winner

3534 Navigation Blvd.

2:00PM – Poor Pilate*
3:00PM – El Lago*
4:00PM – Mantra Love
5:00PM – Vodi
6:00PM – Rex Hudson
7:00PM – Handsome Beast
8:00PM – Mind Shrine
9:00PM – Deep Cuts
10:00PM – Dollie Barnes
11:00PM – Gio Chamba

*Denotes Artist Panel Winner


2119 Leeland St

2:00PM – DJ Main Event
3:30PM – Dangfoo
4:30PM – Mudrix
5:30PM – Save the Fire
6:30PM – Zacatl Roots
7:30PM – Solitude Endeavor
8:30PM – Arch / Indecent
9:00PM – Pitter Patter* (Indoor)
9:30PM – GT Garza

*Denotes Artist Panel Winner

More bands to be announced with special guests!

This event is made possible through a City Initiative Grant and support from the East End Foundation and East End Houston Cultural District.

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