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Brunch and Conversation: East End Table at Last Organic Outpost

Brunch and Conversation: East End Table at Last Organic Outpost

The following post was provided by Dalida U. Anthony of Brunch and Conversation.

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a cultural community experience at the 2nd East End Table (EET) event. EET hosts unique pop-up dinners showcasing the neighborhood’s notable chefs and creative talents, and also preserve the culture of Houston’s East End. The event is hosted by the East End Foundation, and looks to celebrate the history, culture and neighborhoods of the east end while strengthening and enhancing the community.

The feast took place at Last Organic Outpost, one of the city’s biggest community gardens, on Saturday from 2p-5p. This farm-to-table dinner offered guests a unique outdoorsy dining experience, as we were all in tune with the food we ate. Guests had the opportunity to tour this huge garden led by head farmer Joe Icet, followed by a unique diner prepared with seasonal farm produce and locally sourced meats, all prepared by Chef Gina Lopez of Black Hill Meats, who recently won an award at the ” Go Pig or Go Home” cooking competition. As we ate, we enjoyed sounds from a local artist Myrna Garibay.

The dinner consisted of a deliciously creamy sweet potato soup(which I confused with pumpkin for their somewhat similar tastes). Followed by a spring salad made with organic vegetables, oranges, and cacti mixed in with a light vinaigrette. Then a light pasta salad, which I unfortunately didn’t get to eat much of as we ran from the rain. The experience continued with Roasted green vegetables prepared with coconut milk, habanero, and topped with cilantro and pickled carrots. The dish of the evening was the roasted Pig( from Black Hill Meats), sauteed with ground bacon, garden greens, brown sugar and whisky glaze.

Proceeds from the event will support cultural projects in the East End Cultural District.

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