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“Shop Talk, the barbershop podcast”

April 21

“Shop Talk, the barbershop podcast” is shot on location at the historic, Joe’s Barbershop, in the historic African American community of Acres Homes. It celebrates, revives, and restores those old school Black barbershop conversations that once held the community down and lifted the community up! Those conversations covered just about every topic relevant to the vitality of the Black community. “Shop Talk, the barbershop podcast” seeks to become that safe space, the essence of the Black barbershop as an institution of influence and inspiration. True to the dramatic flair of the participants in those old school convos, each episode features a segment called, Artistic Impact, with short performances from local artists, intended to reach the core, touch the heart, and connect audiences to the news, issues, and circumstances being discussed.
Episodes began airing March 7, 2024, and with a new episode dropping every Thursday, 7am, “Shop Talk, the barbershop podcast” is available…
on video, at the YouTube channel:
on audio, via Buzzsprout (with links to Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and other platforms):

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