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D&W Lounge

Nestled in East Downtown away from the hustle of the city, D&W Lounge is filled with friendly regulars and staff that makes you feel right at home. Open as a bar since the 1940’s, the rough exterior gives way to a warmer interior.

The eclectic and bizzare décor makes for a good time with unicorns on the ceiling, neon mannequins, a variety of lamps, Greek statues and a shrine to Marilyn Monroe.  Get a glass of wine or some cold beer and play a round of pool, explore the retro juke box selections, or step out on the patio for a little fresh air.

D&W makes a good after-work happy hour spot, but it also gets a party vibe going on the weekends. Enjoy $1.50 beer Mondays, live bands on Friday and karaoke night Saturday that is known for getting a bit rowdy.

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D&W Lounge

911 Milby St

Houston, Texas 77023


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