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Neighborhood Centers – Ripley House

Neighborhood Centers Inc. has a rich history in building communities that work since its early days when it was part of the Settlement House movement in the early 1900′s. When Alice Graham Baker founded the agency in 1907, the main intention behind it all was to help every resident of Houston have an opportunity for an education, for health, for work, and to become an informed participant in democracy. 100 years later, the purpose of Neighborhood Centers hasn’t changed one bit.

Neighborhood Centers is the largest charitable organization in Texas and hosts a network of over 70 services sites that helps more than 528,000 people each year. They fulfill their mission to bring resources, education, and connection by working with our neighbors side by side.

Ripley House, run by Neighborhood Centers Inc., supports residents in Houston’s East End and families with children attending local schools.

Neighborhood Centers – Ripley House

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Houston, Texas 77011


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