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Texas Art Asylum

Get crazy inspired at the Texas Art Asylum, a 6,000-square-foot warehouse stocked with treasures spared from the trash. Part craft store, thrift store, antique store and salvage yard, the inventory found here is meant to inspire creative reuse. This is any artist’s, art educator’s or everyday crafter’s shopping go-to for unique items. The space is also available to showcase and sell artist’s creations.

Don’t know what to do with a plaster dental mold, doll parts or a half squeezed tube of acrylic paint? Classes and workshops are provided in conjunction with The Center for Recycled Art. For larger groups, private crafting parties or art events can be arranged. Let Houston’s talented artists and crafters provide hands-on experience and help you discover the artist within.

And finally, donations. One person’s junk could be Texas Art Asylum’s next treasure. Donations are generally accepted the first and last weeks of each month. Most items are accepted from just about anywhere from garages and offices to science labs and taxidermists. For a complete list of accepted items, visit their website.

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Texas Art Asylum

1719 Live Oak

Houston, Texas 77003


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