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TEDGlobal 2014 Coming to the East End

On Thursday, October 9, Houston’s East End will play virtual host to some prestigious visitors all the way from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Join us as we celebrate the culture and opportunities of Houston’s East End, alongside a shared viewing experience of TEDGlobal 2014.

This year’s TEDGlobal theme is “South”: We’ll gain insight into some of the innovation, dynamism and creativity taking place all over South America and the global South. We invite you to join us at the beautiful facilities of HCC’s new Southeast College Campus to watch the conference simulcast and discuss how these global ideas resonate with and impact our local community. The event will take place in Multipurpose Room on the first floor of the Learning Lab.

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The doors will be open all day, and we will have food vendors on site bringing together some of the great flavors the community has to offer. We cannot wait to highlight some of the stories of this evolving area of our city. Prepare to have your world turned upside down!

Free parking is available in the parking garage to the right of the Learning Hub Building.

There are many restaurants and interesting locations in Houston’s East End. Two very popular local eateries have gracefully joined forces to bring some affordable and delicious lunch options available to purchase for our community. We won’t have to leave the venue to enjoy and support some of the local flavors of the South East End of Houston.

Many thanks to our friends at El Tiempo Cantina, and the talented Chef Blue from El Burro and The Bull for bringing their delicious local flavors to our event.

A light breakfast and snacks will be provided by KIND.

Though we’d like to have full attention during the talks, we understand that since this is a mid-week event, many of us will be working from the event throughout the day. Our friends at HCC South East Campus Learning Hub have made sure we will have plenty of open internet access, and a very comfortable environment to get things done, while enjoying the TEDGlobal conference.

Session Schedule

We will be enjoying a full day of the TEDGlobal conference, it will be quite a marathon, and a lot of content to cover. Be prepared to immerse yourself in some innovative perspectives to share with the community. Below is a list of the sessions we will be watching:

Session 1: Field Work
Hosted by Chris Anderson

Oren Yakobovich
Human-rights activist

Severine Autesserre
Peace and conflict researcher

Doreen Khoury
Grassroots peace worker

Charmian Gooch
Anti-corruption activist

Circle of Sound
World music duo

Ameenah Gurib-Fakim
Biodiversity scientist

Session 2: Urban Canvas
Hosted by Chris Anderson

Robert Muggah
Megacities expert

Joanna Wheeler
Social change advocate

Su Yunsheng
Urban planner

Favela painters

Batalha do Passinho
Funk dancers

Grimanesa Amorós
Interdisciplinary artist

Session 3: Empowering Tech
Hosted by Bruno Giussani

Rodrigo Baggio
Digital inclusionist

Bruno Torturra
Livestreaming activist

Steve Song
Telecommunications activist

Syed Karim
Internet datacaster

Ana Tijoux

Miguel Nicolelis

Session 4: Blueprints
Hosted by Bruno Giussani

Tasso Azevedo
Forester and sustainability activist

Ilona Szabó de Carvalho
Policy reformer

Melissa Fleming
Voice for refugees

Michael Green
Social progress expert

Samba band


East End Improvement Corporation (EEIC) and Wells Fargo unveiled the first of seven BCycle “Art Stations” as part of a community program to connect residents and visitors to public art and businesses in East End Houston. The unveiling ceremony included the donation of 36 bicycles and helmets to East End students in coordination with local non-profit Wellness On Wheels (WOW). 
longest-serving urban farms, Finca Tres Robles, is getting ready for some big changes in the year ahead. Umbrella organization Small Places is transitioning to a 501(c)(3) to help revamp the farm and increase its impact in serving the East End community. In the months ahead, Finca Tres Robles will be celebrating 7.5 years of work in the East End as it pauses field operations at the end of 2021 to prepare for its next chapter.

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