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Reflections of Your Favorite East End Landmarks

The Greater East End Management District conducted a survey at their booth at this past Saturday’s East End Street Fest asking attendees two questions:

  • What’s your favorite East End landmark?
  • What mode of transportation did you use to get to the Street Fest?

They were kind enough to share their results and we wanted to pass them along to you.

What’s your favorite East End landmark?

  1. Navigation Esplanade – 10 votes
  2. Ninfa’s on Navigation – 9 votes
  3. Mason Park – 7 votes
  4. Champ Burger – 5 votes
  5. Coffee Plant on Harrisburg – 4 votes
  6. Harrisburg Underpass – 2 votes
  7. El Tiempo Cantina – 2 votes
  8. Sparkle’s Hamburger Spot (EaDo) – 1 vote
  9. Doña Maria – 1 vote
  10. Magnolia’s Ice Cream & More – 1 vote
  11. “Downtown at Night” – 1 vote
  12. Union Hall – 1 vote
  13. Eastwood Park – 1 vote
  14. Mural at Simon Men’s Wear – 1 vote

What mode of transportation did you use to get to the Street Fest?

  1. Car – 31
  2. Walk – 2
  3. Bus – 2
  4. Bicycle – 2

Editor’s Note: We saw plenty of bikes. Do bike commuters not like participating in surveys?


East End Improvement Corporation (EEIC) and Wells Fargo unveiled the first of seven BCycle “Art Stations” as part of a community program to connect residents and visitors to public art and businesses in East End Houston. The unveiling ceremony included the donation of 36 bicycles and helmets to East End students in coordination with local non-profit Wellness On Wheels (WOW). 
longest-serving urban farms, Finca Tres Robles, is getting ready for some big changes in the year ahead. Umbrella organization Small Places is transitioning to a 501(c)(3) to help revamp the farm and increase its impact in serving the East End community. In the months ahead, Finca Tres Robles will be celebrating 7.5 years of work in the East End as it pauses field operations at the end of 2021 to prepare for its next chapter.

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